Lorak Explained

Lorak is an on-chain idle game and the meta-game for LandTorn.
Important. This is a game on the BASE blockchain. Use official BASE links to connect and Bridge funds to play the game.

💀 Short Explanation 💀

Mint Settler. Go through Dungeons. You get Spoils worth $SHARDs.
Find a Ritual Stone in the Dungeons, then you can kill your Settler through Sacrifice, depending on how much your Spoils cost in $SHARD you'll get a specific amount of $xTORN.
To access deeper Dungeons quicker you can Enchant your Settler with $SHARDs. This also will increase your $xTORN gain.
By going deeper in the Dungeons, you'll find Mythics.
Collecting a full set of correct Mythics will allow you to mint a TornLord. That's the end-game. There can be millions of Settlers but only 500 TornLords during the first Cataclysm.
Learn more on how to earn $xTORN here👇


In the game you find yourself as a Settler in the world of Lorak. Each Settler is a part of the TORN NFT Collection.
Minting the Settler, gives you access to the Dungeons, where you will find all kinds of different Valuables.
When you Mint a Settler, you also mint a Satchel, this is not an NFT you can see, but it's an addition to your Settler NFT, that allows us to store Spoils inside of your Settler.
The Satchel is just an easy to understand name for your token-bound account.


After minting your Settler you can venture into Dungeons. To go into a Dungeon, you need Energy. Energy will replenish every 12 hours.
Successful Dungeons runs will rewards you with Spoils, if you are unsuccessful you may receive nothing or Die and loose everything.
Spoils are NFTs with a $SHARD value, once you get them they will appear in the Inventory(Satchel) as a Item. You can not extract them, they rest in your Settler NFT. Sacrificing your Settler will allow you to get some of the $xTORN value.
Learn more about $SHARD here.


Weapons have a SHARD Value and an ATK stat.
Wearables have a SHARD Value and an DEF stat.
Spoils are items, they only have a SHARD Value.
Mythics are needed to unlock the TornLord. They also stay with you, if you sacrifice your Settler.
Ritual Stones are needed to Sacrifice your Settler to get $xTORN and Mythics.


7 new Talisman is added in Lorak, you will be able to find them in Dungeons and buy them on the Marketplace, each Talisman has its own $xTORN value inside. When you have the Talisman on your Satchel, it will directly add a specific amount of $xTORN into your account.
$xTORN Reward


Based on the Spoils you find, your Settler will acquire the following stats.
ATK - formed based on Weapons you own. Weapons have different types, ATK is calculated by taking the best performing weapon of that type. For example, if you have 3 Hand Weapons, a sword at 9 ATK, a dagger at 5 ATK and a an axe at 6 ATK, the ATK stat of your Settler will be 9.
DEF - formed based on Wearables you own. Same rules as with weapons apply for DEF calculation.
Shard Power - formed based on total Shard Value of your Spoils. Shard Power can be increased by Enchantment, which means adding Shards directly to your Satchel.


Energy - Needed to go through the Dungeon.
SHARD Gate - The total amount of needed Shard Power to go through the Dungeon.
Survive Stats - Recommended amount of ATK/DEF of Settler needed to safely venture into the Dungeon. Players can venture into Dungeons without meeting the requirement, in this case they will have a high probability of Death.
Distribution - By checking the distribution you can see the drop rate for events and types of Spoils in the Dungeon, deeper Dungeons may not have this information available.
Death - Some of the Dungeons have perma death. Meaning that if that the outcome of your Dungeon run, may be that you die. In this case you loose all of your Enchanted Shards, all of your Spoils, everything. To play again you'll need to mint a new Settler.


Sacrifice for $xTORN - If you wish to get the shard value of your Spoils and convert it in $xTORN, you will need to Sacrifice your Settler at the Shadow Kirk. To do this you will need to get a Ritual Stone in the Dungeons, these appear starting from the Florki Tower Dungeon. Once you complete the Sacrifice, the total amount of $xTORN you get will be affected by the "Thunder of the Fallen" which is partially destroys the Shards being extracted. The more people making Sacrifices the more fierce the Thunder of the Fallen will be. Also if you hold any Mythics during Sacrifice, they will appear in your wallet as separate NFTs after the Sacrifice is complete.
Sacrifice for Mythics - With this ritual, you can sacrifice your Settler and withdraw Mythics NFTs directly to your wallet. To perform this ritual, you will not need the Ritual Stone, but rather a fixed amount of Shard Power for each Mythics in your possession.
Note: All your Spoils, items, and remaining Shard Power will be lost so that this ritual can be performed.
Purchase and Use Multiple Settlers - You will find this ability under "Manage Settlers" after you mint your first Settler.
Enchant Settler with $Shard - At later stages of the game, it may take long for some Settlers to reach the needed amount of Shards to get into the deeper Dungeons. Enchantment allows you to skip Dungeons, if you purchase $SHARD in the open market, you can then infuse your Settler with those Shards. Allowing them to meet the requirements of deeper Dungeons.


At a later Stage the Settler Art will be updated to reflect your progress in the Dungeons and to show case some of the Spoils. As a core part of the Torn IP, it will continously evolve.


Tornlords are the unlimited part of the Torn Collection. During the first Cataclysm, two houses of TornLords will rise. The Paladin and Iron Fist.
The TornLords will have a total supply of 500, one of its principal benefits will be the power of sharing 6% pool of future $xTORN Supply. To conjure a TornLord you must find 6 Specific Mythic Items + 1 Starfall Mythic, obtainable via purchase of a Baron + 10,000 $SHARD . During The First Cataclysms you can obtain a Paladin or an Iron Fist Lord, each have their own set. Good luck only 250 of each will ever exist. TornLords amount across multiple Cataclysms will not exceed 1500 in total.


LeaderBoard will reward the 100 most active Settlers and Guilds in the week. Distributing a specific Talisman as a reward, according to their weekly placement.
The more you and your guild members stay active, the greater your rewards will be.
Important. Only the top 20 active members of the guild will receive the reward, this will create incentives for new Guilds to appear.
Settler Placement
Top 1
Hotei Talisman
Top 2-5
Benza Talisman
Top 6-10
Ebisu Talisman
Top 11 - 100
Juro Talisman
Guild Placement
Top 1
Fuko Talisman
Top 2-5
Benza Talisman
Top 6-10
Ebisu Talisman
Top 11-20
Juro Talisman
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