Lorak Vision


Lorak is creating the community foundation for the future of the LandTorn platform it will also act as the core piece of the Torn IP.


Lorak is an idle game focused on bringing forward a number of innovative mechanics to on-chain gaming.
Core Idea Number - One.
Lorak is using token-bound accounts, AKA based on erc-6551.
The idea here is that the core NFT that you mint, becomes an account, meaning it's like a smart contract embedded into your NFT that holds and does actions with other assets. For blockchain gaming specifically this becomes incredibly interesting from multiple standpoints.
  1. 1.
    Significantly limit NFT ownership difficulties.
Owning a bunch of NFTs in ecosystems where you need to actively use them for different purposes is literally trash. Through token-bound accounts we can drop a million NFTs to your main one and that's it, just take care of that One. UX/UI much better.
  1. 2.
    Create a deeper level of ownership.
What happens with projects that have a bunch of sub-NFT collections? We just stop looking at them and don't care. Turns out people literally have a mental capacity for IP. Do a yoots, a lilpudgys and people can get that. Do more and people get sad.
And this is just NFT projects, not games. What is typical for games? A large amount of items/assets /trinkets as it's literally a massive part of the game gratification. So what do we do with all this stuff? Keep it off-chain, there is too much value in just having 1 collection for your game with no space for anything else.
With 6551, we can have you hold 1 NFT and keep everything else on-chain as well, just embed that into your wallet.
  1. 3.
    Enforce larger on-chain logic.
So now if we have you holding dozens or hundreds of NFTs under your main one, we can apply larger rule sets to the underlying assets. Another great things is we can tokens there, not just NFTs. Bind these things together and you get the greater benefits of decentralisation, while keeping the user experience at a good level.
With Lorak we are addressing all of the points above.
Core Idea Number - Two.
Death and Token.
We are experimenting with perma death and systematic punishment mechanics. There are many ways to build onchain game mechanics, but not many work well with financial incentives. In Lorak the player can lose everything they've earned almost at any point in the game. Balancing risk reward with some hardcore measures.
Core Idea Number - Three.
UnLim2Lim Collection.
Lorak acts as the birth for the Torn collection, so we wanted to experiment more with anti-dilution mechanics. We are trying to build a collection where anyone can enter extremely cheaply, but the rare holders are clearly visible.
After seeing my beloved Azuki commit a Seppuku, I've pondered over the existential balance between rarity, art and community. - Grim.
What is an UnLim2Lim Collection?
It is collection that tries to strike balance between having unlimited assets and rare ones co-exist within one collection.
Some core parameters:
  • unlimited-trait NFTs hold unique value and/or even have a path to value.
  • art is in sync across the unlimited and limited traits
  • limited trait assets have a "more" distinguishable look or appear as a sub-IP or character-specific art, akin to Pokemon "shiny"/"rainbow"/"holo" or imagine thousands of variations of just the "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" from YuGiOh.
  • seasons or pure always live "open edition" for the unlimited trait NFTs With Lorak, Settlers are our unlimited-trait NFTs, TornLords are the limited ones. As per game evolution, both will evole in terms of meta-data.
    Important: Largely this is an experiment and should be treated as such, although we have put forward certain mechanisms to protect ourselves from mal-actors. One of these allows us to pause the trading of the SHARD token, this was a difficult decision to make, but looking at the hundreds of hacks in the space it just makes sense.