Lorak v2

All changes made during Lorak v2 will be recorded here.


  • Significantly fee reductions and gameplay improved, less than $0.5 per 20 runs (95% fee reduction).
  • Full Shadow Warrior Set (ATK 40 / DEF 40 / SHARD 200) dropped for early adopters!
  • Release of Dungeon 3: Florki Tower with the first Mythics that will help you become a TornLord!
  • Death enabled in deeper dungeons.
  • Ritual Stone available in deeper dungeons.
  • Sacrifice of Settlers with Ritual Stone.
  • Transition to a dedicated BASE node for a better experience.
  • Decrease of Death rate on Dungeons.
  • Dungeon 4: Dragon Den release.
  • Mobile Version Redesigned.
  • TornLord Page Live.
  • LandTorn Listed on DappRadar.