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Digital Gaming Hub built on Base. Creating the Epic Games of Web3.


LandTorn is a publisher and distributor of Base-native games. Building an interconnected system of experiences. Games published on LandTorn will be utilising our ecosystem token and participating in the larger meta-game, DAO and economy modules. Powering LandTorn with 3rd-party titles and our own Studio and IP - TORN.
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    Received Grant from Base
  2. 2.
    Over 10,000 players
  3. 3.
    Over 500,000 Transaction generated on Base
  4. 4.
    Over 300,000 NFTs generated
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    Won Klaytn Klaymakers 2023 Hackathon


Our first on-chain game Lorak has launched during the onchain summer. Since then we've had over 10,000 players and over 500,000 Transations on-chain. Previously you could mine $SHARD in game, now it can be used to gain $xTORN.


Native token of our ecosystem. Currently $xTORN can be gained via $SHARD and playing Lorak. After LandTorn platform goes live $xTORN holders, will get $TORN airdropped.

TORN Studio

Our Studio and the creator of our IP. We believe that a shared world thrives when connected to something core. TORN Studio is currently in development of three titles all around the TORN IP. In short, TORN is our Fortnite and LandTorn is our Epic Games Store.
With our launch we are unveiling the first title - Lorak.
Lorak View.


An experimental on-chain idle game built using the erc-6551 standard, testing the limits of Token Bound accounts or, in simpler terms, testing the feasibility of managing hundreds of NFTs inside of a Character NFT with a built-in ruleset, which deepens the gameplay, while providing a full on-chain experience.
Lorak is the meta-game for the TORN ecosystem, it will evolve over multiple Cataclysms. The idea is that all participation will lead to the future launch of the LandTorn platform.
The game is set in a classic medieval fantasy setting with a heavy emphasis on Lore. Gods of Death rule these Lands and death plays a large part in the games system. Players go through Dungeons and try to extract valuable items, that carry $SHARDs, and Mythics that are needed to unlock a TornLord.
TornLords are the rare part of our Settlers collection. With the idea of being the first UnLim2Lim collection, where limited items co-exist with unlimited ones inside of one collection.
In our case TornLords are the limited ones, during the first Cataclysm two types of TornLords will be available with a total of 250 per each, during the next Cataclysms the total amount of TornLords is expected to grow but will not exceed 5000 pieces. TornLords will have massive advantages in the LandTorn ecosystem, more details TBA.
Memento Mori
— Grim, The First God Of Death.

Torn Village

Torn Village is an upcoming casual mobile game mixing strategy and match-3 genres with a unique on-chain gaming twist.

Other Titles TBA

Apply for a Grant

The focus is on on-chain innovation and spectacular cross-platform experiences.
On-chain innovation:
  • Deep usage of keeping in-game state on-chain fully and/or through the use of L3.
  • Experimentation in asset ownership
  • Smart large-scope systems of SC interactivity.
Cross-platform experiences:
  • Outreaching towards web2 gaming experiences with our web3 IP.
If you are developing a game like this, for Grants and potential Publishing - Apply.


Holders of Settlers and TornLords will be the main focus for our community initiatives.
If you are interested in becoming part of the team and help grow Torn - apply here.
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